Spitfires that Mindy is doing for me, 3 of 9. Forgot to post this when I got it.

I totally forgot to post this because I’m an asssssss
Alright, last one. RD and Rarity in bunny outfits. Of course Rarity would be working it, and Rainbow Dash would be embarrassed as all fudge with a tanktop and shorts tan lines =u= I’ve been so lazy with backgrounds
Have an Applejack one. I could have shaded her better, but I got lazy.
Human secretary Twilight o-o I tried to make her Asian. However, I don’t think she realises how open her shirt is… Oh well
Felt like drawing people, so I did a gaiaonline auction. I’m gonna just draw other things as people =u=;;

I doodled my avi for gaia. I should really stop getting on it… But it is so hard when these stupid digital clothing is so cute….
Should I make this into a small print?
Guess who got Skullgirls… Valentine has to be my favourite so far <3